How to auto comment, auto like, auto group post? (bot #1)

In this article I’d like to recommend you a facebook bot with some nice free features.

Before using such toys, always remember, that facebook quickly detects bot’s activity and you can get easily banned/blocked.

One of the most popular facebook bots. You can enable google translator for this page through the menu. Free features work correctly and are quite effective, unless you get blocked. Here are some of them:

  • autolike newfeed – likes all feed, like friend’s posts, new photos, pages activity etc.
  • autoreaction – same as above, but you can choose a desired reaction instead of a like.
  • autocomment – automatically comments on new posts, photos, groups etc. You can type your own message, but it will add “” footer to it.
  • auto group post – works pretty well, but add posts too fast so you can get quickly blocked for some time.
  • boom comment/wall – can be used for spamming someone’s wall etc.
  • auto accept friend requests,
  • auto poke,
  • and more.

To use the bot, you have to validate the token. To do this, you have to type your login and password, generate the token and then paste it into the field.

I believe this tool can be quite useful. But I recommend to never use it with an account that we don’t want to lose. Hope you have some fun. Good luck!


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