How to get many friends fast (#1 method)

Hello. In this article I’ll show you first and probably the fastest way to get many friend request. Since pages like “copy this list of emails and paste into **” don’t work (because Facebook disabled the ** page for adding friends from emails), people found another very cool way.

I recommend using wefbee auto friend requester:

The way it works is very simple. First, you need to generate a token. There are a few wys to do this, but you will probably have to fill in your email and password. After you validate the token, you can simply send some friend request to your account (or anyone’s you want, so good way is to create a new account and send requests to your main profile). It will add ~50 friends, then you’ll have to wait a few minutes before making a new request. You can find more updated info on their page.

The people you can add probably won’t be valuable, since they are mainly spam. Although, this method is rather safe, since you don’t accept all, let’s say, 500 requests at once.

Remember, by accepting any tokens or allowing any apps to view/manage your account you accept that your facebook profile will do some stuff you’re not aware of, like adding new friends or liking random content. Always keep in mind, that you can even lose your account or get blocked if you don’t be careful.

Using this method, you can also increase number of your followers. To do that, you need to keep getting friend requests, but don’t accept them. Now, after you have about 1000 friend requests, people will start following you instead.

The next method I’ll show you will be much safer and will give you much more valuable friends, although it will require a little bit of effort.

Good luck.



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