How to get unlimited likes for photo/status/post?

I’d like to recommend you a very effective way to get tons of likes for your photos, status or post. The way it works is simple:

  1. By validating token, you accept your account to send likes to other people*
  2. Now, once for 10-15 minutes, you can add likes to your desired content (usually 10-100 likes for once)

If you type “auto liker” into Google, you’ll find lots of autolikers that work the same way. But I’ll recommend you two of them, because they are 100% free, they don’t contain many ads and they don’t have daily limits. Likes comes from all different countries, but usually from Africa, South America and Asia.

* remember, if you add likes using many auto liker pages, you automatically start sending more and more likes to other people, so this availability may be blocked for you for some time or you can even lose your account.

  1. – one of the coolest facebook auto tools site.
  2. – same as above.

The way to validate the token usually varies depending on a site, but it’s always carefully explained how to add your unlimited likes. While using such tools, you will usually have to change your liking settings to public.

If you find more free and useful auto likers, feel free to comment.



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