How to invite all friends to a group (2# method)

Have you ever wondered if you can invite a specific number of friends to your group? Well, yeah, it’s surely possible. Compared to script method, this one is quite safer, since it adds friends a bit slower, and also you can choose a desired amount of friends to add.

This time, you’ll need to install an extension for Google Chrome (I don’t know how about Firefox, but feel free to check it out):

It’s very easy to use. Just go to your group’s main page and click on the extension’s icon from the toolbar. It will start adding friends automatically. If an user is already in the group, it will skip him and add another one if available. To change the number of added friends, right click on the extenstion’s icon and choose “options”. Or just go to “extensions” tab in Chrome and you’ll find the same option.

Hope you have fun with this one. Good luck!


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