How to use Toolkit For Facebook Premium for free

Toolkit For Facebook is a Google Chrome extension, that gives you tons of essential features for use at Facebook. It gives you possibilities like:

  • removal tools – remove all friends, all friend requests, all pending requests, all friend suggestions and more,
  • extracting tools – extract ID of any page, profile, group etc., extract all friends’ IDs or email addresses or mobile phone numbers and more,
  • facebook tools – accept/reject all friend requests at once, click all add buttons, click all join buttons, click all like buttons, click all pokes and poke back, post on all groups, message all friends, claim as group admin, suggest your friends to add another friend and much more.

So, you know how it works. But half of the features are premium, so you have to pay for them. Or, you can use a cracked version of extension.

I’ve tested this version and it’s working 100% perfect:

On this page, you can download the cracked extension. There’s also an instruction how to install it, so you won’t have problem with it. I’ve learned how to use all its features by myself, so I hope you’ll find out how it works as well. Sometimes, you’ll need an access token, for example for using auto group poster. You can generate it using any of autoliker tools.

So, I hope you manage to install and use this wonderful extension. It helped me a lot using Facebook. Good luck!


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