How to disable “seen by” in FB chat

Hello. In this article I’ll show you, how to increase chatting privacy by disabling “seen by” and “… is typing” text. This is done mainly by installing extensions for your browser.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

  • install Unseen extension from here


  • install FB Unseen extension from here.

If you are using Google Chrome:

  • install Facebook Chat Privacy extension from here

You can also use FB App called Unseen. You have to login to Facebook from this FB App page.

Another option is to block a certain url with Adblock Plus extension. You have to install the extension and create a custom filter. The url to block is:$xmlhttprequest

There are other extensions to use as well. Toolkit For Facebook has a feature called “Hide Seen For Facebook Messages” in Background tab. If you want, you can download premium version for free. I showed you how to do this in this article.

SocialReviver extension, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Chromium and Opera, has lots of ways to customize FB in various ways, including disabling the “seen by” notification.

You can also try this way:

If you’d rather not use any of the above browser extensions, you could also just archive the message from your message inbox (by pressing the ‘x’ button on the left pane), sending it to the message archive. The message will remain unread, sending no ‘seen by’ notification to the other party, and will now be gone from your inbox (you can still view it later if you chose to at the message archive).

As you see, people really want to keep their privacy, but FB still disallow disabling this option (although I think it’s safe for users). The extensions are being taken down for violating FB rules, so if you find any link not working or if you want some other nice ways, just contact me or use comments section.

Good luck!



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